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An original musical written by 

tweens, teens and their teacher.


In 2013, a group of 7 writers, ages 9-13, got together for an original writer's  workshop where the goal was to learn how to write scenes and music from scratch. What ended up happening was just that...and so much more.


On the very first day it became clear that each of the writers not only had valuable and pressing stories to tell but each one also had a unique and vibrant gift. From humor, to plot twisiting, intelligent dialogue to intricate melodies, it was evident that the room was filled with an incredible group of artists.


During that week-long workshop, characters were developed and bonds were created, on and off the page, and not one writer was able to walk away from the project and leave it simply as a valuable learning experience. They all wanted to finish what they started.


All aspiring performers of some sort, most of the kids in the room had begun to feel the void in musical theatre between the ages of 10 and 18. It wasn't uncommon for them to hear, "You're too tall for Matilda but not old enough for Les Mis. Keep training and come back in a few years" We decided to take matters into our own hands.


REDDI HIGH tells the tale of a group of tweens, teens and their teachers as they prepare for the end of the school year and get ready for the big changes life has in store for them. The audience is taken on a hilarious and truly entertaining journey with a plot twist that could only come from the minds of youth! Through our characters we learn that we should never have to change to please other people and that life is always a journey...and you may not know where to!


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